Meal plans and diets aren’t useful or sustainable for the vast majority of clients. 
Clients often feel like they’re either “on” them or “off” them. The black and white nature of a meal plan suggests that people have to eat perfectly at each meal (to match what’s listed in the plan) — or they’ve failed.

Even more, meal plans are too inflexible. 
They don’t work with the reality of people’s busy lives. Work meetings, children’s programs, meals out, dogs that need walking, cars that break down, family members that get ill, etc. Meal plans take none of these into account.

So, instead of giving you a menu, I give you a series of habits — which are both solid and flexible — to help you build the skills necessary to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices today (and for life).

Taking into account things like a client’s unique schedule, priorities, belief system, food preferences, food tolerances, and more, I'll help you build your own “Owner’s Manual”.

Nutrition Coaching