The Premium plan is the real deal. You get the custom training from the basic program and much more. Nutrition lessons to help you develop the habits that lead to the health and physique you truly want. Higher levels of accountability and more communication from me. Not to mention great information about improving sleep and how that can accelerate your progress. 


  • Movement screening (via video)  
  • Weekly phone call to check in 
  • Custom built workout
  • Workouts delivered to  mobile device via Fitness Jones Training app. 
  • A 1 year nutrition program to teach you how to eat for your goals
  • Sleep coaching to help you get the right kind of sleep to transform your physique


  • Mobile device or PC with access to the internet
  • Dumbells of various weight, or an adjustable set
  • An exercise ball (Swiss ball)
  • An exercise mat
  • A foam roller
  • (Optional) gym membership

Premium Program CYBER MONDAY!