I thought you'd never ask. It's a way to get a thorough exercise plan, built by certified fitness professionals AND a thorough nutrition plan, built by certified nutrition professionals delivered to you daily over the course of one year. I partnered with the geniuses at Precision Nutrition to offer you this program at a fraction of what it would cost to train with me personally whether online or in person. It's fully automated, and you're going to be following the program yourself.  You'll get to pick the type of training you sign up for, based on your goals. You also get to decide every day how long, how intense, and where your workout will be performed. But we know exercise is only half the story here. Because you also need a simple, but effective nutrition approach to hit those goals. That's where the daily nutrition lessons and habit exercises for nutrition come in. No matter what your dietary choice is (paleo, intermittent fasting, counting macros) this program will give you the most solid nutritional foundation you've ever had! 


After enrolling via the PayPal button below, you'll get an authorization/consent form and email invitation to log into your program dashboard. At that point, you're going to select the type of program that best fits your needs (see pic below on left).  Every day, you'll get a workout delivered to your email. Some days will be workout days and some will be rest days. When you receive that workout card each day, you'll have 4 options to choose from (pic below on right). You'll also receive a daily nutrition lesson and a habit to complete that day. Because knowing what to eat and how to eat doesn't help, unless you're PRACTICING what and how to eat. If email isn't your thing, you can place an icon on your mobile phone screen to use the program like an app! 


Absolutely! If you want a bit more info, have a look at the video below:


The monthly investment is only $39.99!  Or you can choose the annual option! Enrollment is as easy as hitting the subscription button below.  Or save money by choosing the annual payment option. From then on, you'll make a recurring, automatic, monthly investment until the year subscription is over. You can cancel at any time by emailing me at least 48 hours before the next investment is due at renjones@fitnessjonestraining.com. Purchases are non-refundable.