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World Menopause Day

I gave a talk at a women's retreat the weekend before World Menopause Day. I asked the group 2 questions. 

I asked the ladies to raise their hands if an elder woman in their family had ever had a conversation with them about when to expect perimenopause to begin and what to expect the experience to be like. 

None of them raised their hand. 

So I asked a second question. Is there anyone in the group here who had a medical professional introduce them to the concept of the menopause transition and gave them information about what to expect? 

Again, not one hand went up. 

So on World Menopause day, I decided to do a live broadcast. In the video, you'll get 3 facts about "the menopause spectrum", 3 tips for getting results from adjusting your exercise routine, and 3 nutrition tips that work better with your shifting hormonal profile. 

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