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$333 / month


3 months- paid monthly


 $900-(one payment)


3  months- paid in full


 $1600-(one payment)


6 months- paid in full


Womens Liberation Movement
What do you get?

What does the program entail? Very simple answer: RESULTS. You get an initial 12-week program that includes customized nutrition, a custom-built workout, behavior change coaching, and a level of support in an online program that you can't imagine.

No calorie counting. No macronutrient counting. No measuring food. No weighing food. No assigning food with good or bad labels. No new, complex method of teaching you how to starve. Through my powerful, portable software we are going to unlearn the confusing "rules" that have kept you in a restrict-binge, yo-yo cycle of dieting. Then we're going to re-learn how to combine simple habits with your brilliant body signals to free you from food fear. 

Nutrition, but different.
Exercise that's actually for women.

Absolutely no beating the crap out of your body by doing workouts based on research from studying men. Definitely no 1-1.5 hour training session to compromise your hormonal profile and drive your appetite sky high. We're going to initially work with the minimum effective dose of exercise because you probably have an actual life. But importantly, we honor your CHOICE. Want to build muscle? Let's go. Want to lose weight? Absolutely fine. I'm here to support YOUR goals with science and support. I'm not here to tell you what your goal needs to be, from my perspective. Welcome to the Women's Liberation movement.

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