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“Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive but the returns can be priceless if you hire the right one. I can tell you from personal experience Ren is worth every penny. Ren is very knowledgeable. When I was doing my homework on him I found out that he is NASM certified. He also has a gift for transferring that knowledge and empowering you. The last thing I would say about him is just that he is an amazing guy. He always makes you feel like you’re the only client he has (even though you know that isn't the case). He has the ability to make you curse his name and laugh all in the same breath"

Crystal Clark- Online Client

"Ren thank you for your kindness and patience with me. You are reliable and consistent when it comes to staying in touch with your clients and you never, ever judge if someone is going through a difficult time. You offer support and treat each client as an individual, no cookie cutter programs here. So from me to you, thank you for being an intelligent and very well informed coach."

Lynn Luisi- Online Client

 I have lost almost 30lbs, 22 inches all over, and almost FIVE INCHES JUST IN MY WAIST. Ren​ has worked with me COMPLETELY ONLINE (I have never met the man). My knees don't hurt anymore, my balance is better, my core is stronger. My workouts are less than an hour at home. I don't even have a gym membership anymore. Just dumbbells, ball, mat, and foam roller. He customizes my workouts for me and my goals. I am learning new things about nutrition and I'm creating a new relationship with food. I can also eat what I want. Did I mention that I haven't plateaued? ” 

 Maisha R Turner- Online Client


"Ren- Thank you. I have never had someone say to me- no I don't want your money I think you can do this without me. I want to shout from the rooftops why this makes you so amazing as a trainer a coach and a business person. You've helped me get so much more than any of those degrees and certifications you worked so hard for would suggest on paper. You came into my life at a difficult time, you stayed with me through more difficult times and you've left me now ready to handle what comes next without losing my focus on being a healthy fit person- whatever that means at that moment."

 Nikki Levy- Online Client


"I'm at a place where I can fly and navigate the obstacles so much better than ever before. I used to think of the next meal as I was eating; food was constantly on my mind. Food is no longer "in my head". I've never had so much power over food. There is a saying we use when someone thinks very highly of himself. He thinks he's God's gift to women. It usually is applied in a negative manner. Well, you are truly a sincere example of God's gift to women! I am grateful you felt the call to "help a sister out".  i just can't say enough. Thank you Rencel Jones! You, your knowledge, and your compassion have changed my life for the better!"

Vickie LeBlanc Lanier- Online Client

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