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5 Lessons For Thriving In Menopause

Lesson 1- Your Menopause Plan

The stages of menopause — and why you might not know you’re in it until it’s over. (Yes, seriously!)​The #1 reason women aren’t getting the care and coaching they deserve during menopause.​3 critical steps to defining exactly what you want most for this stage of life. (Hint: This will be the cornerstone of everything else you learn here.)​How to build the foundation of your 28-day personalized menopause plan starting TODAY.

Lesson 3- Menopause Exercise Secrets

You’ll learn about two common age-related conditions that can have a huge negative impact on health and vitality. You’ll also learn exactly what you can do to help prevent — or even reverse! — these issues. On top of this, you’ll discover the #1 thing most women overlook that delivers powerful results for almost all goals, including strength and muscle gain. And even better — you’ll get a 4-week training program (with instructional videos) you can start using TODAY for yourself, or with any friend, family member, or woman who comes to you for help. (Don’t forget to download the bonus worksheet. It will show you how to customize your training plan to suit your unique needs and align with your Menopause Vision Statement.) This is a lesson you don’t want to miss.

Lesson 5- Mindset

 You’ll discover the final secret for making menopause and the years after it a time of growth, well-being, and empowerment… Cultivating your mindset. Because here’s the thing: Thriving isn’t just about what you do, it’s also about how you think. And your thoughts have the power to transform your menopause experience. In your final lesson, you’ll learn 3 game-changing mindset strategies specifically designed to help women overcome common struggles during menopause. The tools you need to best handle life’s curveballs — and stay on track with your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. (Coaches, these are fantastic to teach your clients.) How to put these techniques into practice so you can live in alignment with your Menopause Vision Statement, or help your clients do the same.

Lesson 2- Nutrition Tips For Menopause

"Does menopause cause weight gain, and if so — what can I do about it?" (While I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with gaining weight — this is a BIG question and one that even experts get very, very wrong!) Plus, you’ll discover why restrictive diets don’t work — and the 4 powerful nutrition strategies to use instead. These nutrition shifts can have a huge impact on energy levels, body composition, and overall health and fitness. And they can help you get results, even when nothing else seems to work.

Lesson 4- Sleep and Stress

we’re turning our attention to lifestyle, and specifically, 3 major pillars of well-being: Sleep Stress management and mental and emotional health get ready — you’ll learn easy ways to improve your sleep, reduce your stress, and boost your mental health. Plus, today’s bonus worksheet will help you build a plan for putting these valuable tools into practice in a way that works for you, and helps you live in closer alignment with your Menopause Vision Statement. By the way, I'm currently enrolling 5 women over 30 who are ready to ditch the diets and gimmicks and find their version of healthy. Comment (or DM me) the word "interested" and we'll see if you might be a good fit for my program.

Downloadable Worksheets

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