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Hey there!

It's Ren...again.It may take about 10 minutes for you to receive the email I've sent you so...

First of all, thanks for downloading the “Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Women” guide! I know you’ll find yourself using it constantly throughout your busy week.


You'll receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail folder) from me and immediately after, a thank you email that will allow you to download your free info for safekeeping.

This powerful resource will help you overcome one of the biggest challenges we face today…

Staying Fit And Healthy As A Busy Woman

Nutrition is a big part of what I do.

Action steps.

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This series of three infographics take virtually ALL the guesswork out of staying on track with your fitness goals no matter what your schedule.

Also, because you’re interested in improving your fitness and your health, I’d like to tell you a little about me.

While everyone has their niche in life, mine happens to be fitness. Actually, if I had to dial that in even further, nutrition and fitness for women 30 and over is pretty much my specialty. 

But there’s a problem…


Sadly, my field of study is crowded with myths and flat-out lies that leave most people shrugging their shoulders and doing nothing; paralyzed by conflicting advice and a LOT of bad science.

I see it every day. All around me. Even among family and friends.

As it turns out, there’s a fairly straightforward way out of this cycle.

It’s called coaching.

Why and I telling you all this?

Because it ties in very closely with one of my HUGE pet peeves, as well as a way I can help you reach your goals far more quickly than you can ever imagine.

You see, most people go through life repeating behaviors. Never really being aware of the choices they make. Simply going through each day without really thinking about it.

Of course, these habits may be destroying their health…but they do them anyway.

This NEVER made sense to me!

It’s my job to make you aware of those patterns, to help you break those habits, and provide new, healthy choices to take their place.

All with a proven system with a long history of success.

What if I could coach you through a program with these kinds of numbers?

45,000 clients
Over 900,000 pounds of weight loss (for those who choose that goal)
A Guarantee of Success!

We’re talking “serious results”… 

Don’t believe me?  Check out a real-world client from this program:















So here’s what I’m going to provide you:


  •  A nutrition plan that fits into your life (no crazy diets that NEVER work)

  •  Support from a huge community of people just like you

  •  A fitness program backed by science, not fads

  •  Software designed to instill powerful new habits – one small step at a time.

All of this allows me to be there for you 24/7. (Translation…It is actually easy to use!)

All backed by a powerful curriculum tailored to your needs. Yes, I called it a curriculum. 

Every coach needs a playbook. I have mine.

At the end of the day though…it all comes back to coaching and being held accountable.

Set a call for a  free, no-obligation consultation today at the link here

Hold on though…

Let’s understand something:
This program may NOT be for everyone. You ARE going to have to put some work in!

You may or may not be an ideal fit for this program.

I only work with clients who clearly demonstrate a willingness to change. Let’s face it. Half-hearted efforts get half-assed results.

Neither of us wants that. If you are not all in, you will not have success. Call me today to find out how to get started. 

Committed to your health,

Ren Jones


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